About us

About us

Pascal and Stefan became PASTE

So that the shin guards no longer slip!

Whether in the professional or amateur field, all soccer players have one stubborn opponent in common: slipping shin guards! The two buddies Pascal Kümmert and Stefan Niedermeier have declared war on slipping shin guards with their innovation. The two have been friends for over 15 years, and are now very close friends. At some point, they both realized that they also complement each other well in business.

They have combined their respective expertise to create an innovative product: Non-slip shin guard holders. In doing so, they combine the elasticity and adhesive strength of silicone with a shape that is adapted to the anatomy of the human calf. In doing so, they present soccer players around the world with an effective trick to combat an annoying common adversary: constantly slipping shin guards.

Why shin guard holder?

Pascal and Stefan have a lot in common. Both have been passionate about soccer since childhood, even playing for the same club. While Pascal reliably guards the goal, Stefan goes on the offensive and attacks the opponent's net. Their role distribution on the pitch can also be transferred to their business interaction.

Pascal is the safe bank with necessary expert knowledge around product development. Stefan is a passionate salesman and goes on the attack with his cumulative professional experience. The two complement each other not only on the playing field, but also in business. The two also share a dream: they wanted to found a company together.

One evening the best buddies sit together as so often and philosophize

As if by chance, they came up with the topic of shin guards. The fact that they always slip has long been a thorn in their side. Pascal, who has been working with silicone for years and has already accompanied several product launches, voices the idea behind PASTE® for the first time that evening.

Immediately, the question shoots through the minds of the two: How can this be marketed and sold?

Both are so taken with the idea that they immediately jump into product development. Teammates initially ran with the prototypes of the startup company's "Grip Tape." "Our teammates kept giving us tips and advice on what still needed to be changed," Stefan Niedermeier looks back. Feedback forms were diligently filled out to incorporate suggestions into product development.

Finally, after intensive development work, the time had come and PASTE® Grip Tapes went into series production.

The high-quality products are produced in Germany, true to the quality seal "Made in Germany". At the moment, PASTE® Grip Tapes are available in nine different colors, covering the majority of possible club colors.

The practical straps are perfectly adapted to the shape of the calf.

At the bottom their diameter is smaller than further up, it is called a conical geometry. The material used is high-quality silicone, which is extremely elastic and adheres to almost all surfaces. This adhesion strength is reinforced by a smooth inner surface of the shin guard holders. The holders are ribbon-shaped and therefore self-contained. This guarantees that they will not open during the game. The Grip Tapes can be pulled on up to an inner diameter of 30 cm.

To put it on, simply stretch it open and pull it over the foot to the desired position, position it once and focus on the essentials for 90 minutes.

In addition, many players from other European countries already wear the trendy products. As a retail partner, the young company already has well-known names to show, including OUTFITTER and Sportdeal24.

Join the team and develop your potential!

Join the team and develop your potential!